m (-n/-n) one who confesses, confessor, acknowledger; \andetta béon (wesan, weorðan) acknowledge, admit a charge, liability, etc., (1) w.g.; gielde sé þæs sleges andetta síe wer and wíte let him who admits the slaying (acknowledges that he slew the man) pay 'wer' and 'wíte'; (2) w.clause;

Old to modern English dictionary. 2013.

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  • béon — irreg v/i to be; frymdig béon to entreat; tíða/tíðe béon to be a sharer in, receiver, grantee; andetta béon to acknowledge; æfterwearþ béon to be away, absent; wana béon to lack, fail; gestelled béon mid to have an attack of …   Old to modern English dictionary

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